First Post – A Series is Born

My first blog post – a bit scary, a bit exciting and I dearly and purely hope it shows up correctly.  Please have patience if there are problems with adding comments or anything else blog related as I’m learning as the questions arise.  Let the blogging begin!!!

Fiber activities have interested me my entire life and with all the inspirational magazines, books, websites, etc… available, this is a very good time to be a fiber artist.

The most recent source of inspiration came from taking an online embroidery course from Sharon Boggon at Joggles’ website.

It was called Sumptuous Surfaces.  The students were asked to sketch designs and then add lots of wonderful embroidery – a very brief summary of the 6 week class.  A full description is on Sharon’s site.

Design principles and color theory were presented in a clear and usable format for fiber artists.   A myriad of embroidery stitches were showcased, and how to use them in original ways were well illustrated in the class notes.  I highly recommend taking this class.  

Midway through the class, I got a bit discouraged as I had totally underestimated the time it would take to complete my first piece.  I wasn’t going to be the first one finished.  Oh, no!!!  That did not sit well with my Type A personality.  Then I realized this wasn’t a race.  It was okay to work at a pace that was comfortable for me.  Not only was it okay, it gave me time to make better decisions on the piece and to think about exploring the sketch further.

A Series is born!!!  Yes indeedy, that class set me on the road to my very first Series.  This is quite an exciting path for me to take.   I hope some of you readers will embark on this adventure with me.  It promises to be a rollicking good time.

View from the Front Door



3 Responses to “First Post – A Series is Born”

  1. Liz Says:

    Welcome to the wonderfu world of blogging. Don’t worry about learning as you go – I suspect most bloggers have done it that way. I certainly did! I’ll keep an eye out for the progress on your Series. The first one is a really good start.

  2. paulahewitt Says:

    well done! I have only been blogging since December – it is a great way to focus. Im looking forward to number 2 in the series

  3. Angela Says:

    Well done on starting your blog – from another newbie! I’ve so enjoyed watching your journey on this class, from a bit of a low to fantastic highs – looking forward to seeing the series develop – it’s a beautiful view to work with.

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