Image Printed

Today the printed image that will be used in my View from the Front Door Series was made.  It was the first time I used Bubble Jet Set, and armed with the tips from Caryl Bryer Fallert’s web site  –  a new-to-me fiber technique has been discovered.  

Caryl’s tip to edit the image, then print small versions was a very good idea.  I took a photo of the 4 tweaked images so you can see there were slight variations but noticeable ones.  Each had a different dpi and various photo finishes were used.  It was clear to me that image #2 was the winner. 

It truly helps to have a sense of humor when you are working on a Series.  Why?  Well, I spent a few days being stymied with how I was going to exhibit these pieces.  After sketching the evening I finished the first piece, I came up with nothing.  A few frustrating days followed.  I couldn’t think of a solution and I couldn’t start the second piece unless I was sure all 3 pieces would work together.

Another night of sketching resulted in the “ah-ha” moment of resolution.  Eureka, I could get to work again.  Now here’s where the sense of humor was needed.  All that sketching was thrown out the door this morning, when I realized the printed image had to be turned sideways.  

Was it having a sense of humor that saved the day?  The wonderful cup of coffee I was drinking?  Being post menopausal and not having to deal with hot flashes any more?  I don’t know.  Probably a combination of all of the above.  All I know is that turning it sideways resulted with an even better looking setting solution. 

We can plan, we can sketch, we can measure to our heart’s content, but “oops” moments will arise.  How we deal with them is up to us.  It may lead us to trying a new technique.  It could require a call to a friend for advice or for some quality venting.  It might even mean starting all over again.  However, resolving the “oops” moments can be oh so satisfying. 

Test images


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