Colors on the Web – website for finding complimentary colors

A sewing machine class on Monday, followed by a day of running errands on Tuesday left little time for working on the TIFC.   The format has been changed so many times, I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever get to using the fabric selected.

The cool colors for this challenge are not my favorite, but I felt it was important to use them.  Why? Because there is a whole world of color available to us, and I consistently ignore the cool colors in my work.  This would be good practice and who knows?  I might be induced to use more cool colors in my future fiber art.

It became evident as I was searching through my fabric collection that warm based colors are my favorites.  The blue section is miniscule and the violets are pretty much well non-existent.  It’ll be tough on my credit card, but I do believe a fabric shopping trip is in my near future.

Today was spent sewing and making 2 different arrangements.  They are way too calm for my taste.  Some complimentary color would zip them up, but what were the compliments to these colors? 

Never fear, the internet is here.  I found another great website –  It has multiple color tools, but I used The Color Wizard.  All you do is type in the HEX code number for the color you are using and click set.  You can select complimentary or split-complimentary and the new colors and numbers will be displayed.   What a great resource!

I hope this new website will help some of you with the TIFC and in your other art projects. 


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