Light Value Postcard Finished – TIFC

The first piece in March’s TIFC has been completed.  There will be a total of 4 pieces: 3 postcards (light, medium and dark values) and one combination piece probably journal page size.  The light value postcard was finished last night. 

Light Value Postcard for March TIFC

The center is the fabric selected from the color blending chart I made last week.  That chart was a valuable reference tool for me.

The center fabric was fused to the background violet silk fabric and sewn down with a pretty built-in decorative stitch on my sewing machine with Madeira rayon thread. 

The scroll was sketched onto a piece of water soluble stabilizer and then sewn with YLI’s Jean Stitch thread.  I selected a variegated pastel and sewed twice around the scroll. 

The lace flower on the bottom corner is from a fabric remnant of a dress I made for myself when my niece was married about 12-13 years ago.  I appliqued it in place with matching Madeira rayon thread, then hand sewed the glass donut bead in the center.

The upper left corner has a metal wire scroll I made on a jig I purchased a couple ofyears ago.  There is a fabulous site that has many wonderful designs available.  The pattern I selected was # 20 from the Twenty Pair of Earring Jackets section. 

Nothing tied in well, and I’ve been admiring Melissa’s Sweetheart Roses ever since I watched her tutorial.  Out came my box of silk ribbon.  Wouldn’t you know?  No white. Okay, there was a little yellow in the YLI thread and there was no yellow anyplace else on the postcard.  Onward with yellow Sweetheart Roses – directions are on Melissa’s blog –

The wire scroll was also couched with invisible thread.  I wanted to make sure a loop would not pop up going through the automated mail sorters at the Post Office. 

Adding the little yellow stamens to the white flower was the last step.  It really needed something.  A big white flower with a glass bead in the middle was too stark.  I couldn’t believe the difference those tiny little yellow leaves made.  Directions for those are on Melissa’s blog also.

Madeira rayon and a different stitch around the outer edges joined the top, center cardstock, and muslin back together.  Voila, my first of three postcards in the TIFC is completed.

I did not do a lot of embellishment on this piece because the goal was to maintain the light value of the center fabric.  The fabric had to be visible and not altered too much by the embellishments.    When it is placed next to the medium and dark value postcards, I would like the color blending to be a smooth transition.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to achieve that goal. 


One Response to “Light Value Postcard Finished – TIFC”

  1. Liz Says:

    Diane, this is a lovely piece of work. I like your concept of doing light, medium, and dark, too. I’ll look forward to seeing all four pieces finished.

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