Second Fabric Postcard Completed

The second (medium) color value fabric postcard in the TIFC was completed last night.  This one has clean simple lines. I was sorely tempted to add lots of flowers and leaves at the top of the metallic Candlelight swirl, but kind of liked the straight forward lines on this card.

Medium Value Card - March TIFC

The fabric strips were fused to the background in the first challenge.  This time I sewed some light weight interfacing to the right side and turned the strips to get a nice clean edge.  I then appliqued the section in place with a decorative stitch from my sewing machine along the sides using a PolyNeon Madeira thread.

Some decorative tulle I saved from something or other was next.  I fused some Wonder Under to it and it’s a very good idea to use a teflon sheet for this.  It’s messy as the fusible comes through the tulle, but I loved the little silver metallic dots on this tulle.   The overlapping design didn’t show well, so I edge stitched the strip sides with YLI’s Fine Silver Metallic thread.

The last step was drizzling some YLI’s Metallic Candlelight thread over the piece, and I do mean drizzle.  My first attempts to make a planned scroll or loops looked forced.  Then I just dropped the thread on the piece and let the thread do what it wanted.  Darned if I didn’t like the loops and draping better than anything I’d been trying to create. It was hand couched in place, and as long as I had a threaded needle in hand, I hand appliqued the long fabric strip edges. 

There is something quite soothing about hand work and while I love my sewing machine, use it a lot, and would not want to be without it, I am going to strive to have all my future projects have some hand work incorporated in it. 

To me, hand work is like the final touch before you send a child off on the school bus for the first time, or get on a plane and hug your loved ones good bye as you start a new journey.  It’s not a farewell.  It’s a “be safe, enjoy your time out in the world, I’ll be here when you get back” sort of blessing.

I can’t wait to mail these fabric postcards – spreading the spirit of creativity through the post office, one fabric postcard at a time.  


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