Third Postcard – TIFC completed

The March TIFC fabric postcards are completed.  This last one – the dark value one – against the moire fabric is quite elegant – in my eyes.  Antique style Mill Hill beads were hand embroidered using my hand dyed 60/2 100% silk yarn in the feather stitch pattern. 

Dark Value Postcard

The center trim came from India and I realized when you cut a beaded trim, be prepared for a cascade of beads.  Next time I’ll sew threw the last few beads close to where I will make the cut.  No more getting on my hands and knees searching for little beads in the carpet.  

Coco – my Himalyan blue-eyed feline beauty – got interested in the project as she heard the beads bouncing from my cutting table on their way to the carpet below.  I could have done with a little less assistance. 

The 3 postcards were supposed to complete my March TIFC challenge.  Making the value color chart, selecting fabrics to match, then making the 3 postcards in colors I seldom use was a stretch for me.  Some surprising secondary color combinations were discovered and it was very good to learn how to create different compositions.

But I couldn’t stop there.  The postcards use all 5 colors together in light, medium and dark values.  Blending each individual color from light, medium to dark was also an option.  Soooo, when I sewed the fabric strips at the beginning of the challenge, I made 2 different groups.  One for the postcards and one for a black and white contrast sample.

Ever since college days, and my first class on Perception, I’ve been intrigued by creating illusions.  We use illusions every day – how we dress can flatter and balance a figure – or exaggerate an asset – furniture is arranged in a room to make it appear larger or smaller, our hair is styled to highlight eyes or great cheekbones, etc…

Color perception varies with what is next to it.  We know that, we’ve read about it in books, learned it in color theory workshops; but I wanted to make a sample and keep it hanging in my quilting room, so that I could see it in fabric.  

Ta, da the black and white contrast project was born:

Black and White Contrast

I love it.  Each of the 5 colors in the TIFC is represented in 3 color values.  All thelittle strips are the same size.  All the black and white fabric pieces are the same size.  All the same colors are across from each other in the strip.  It sure doesn’t look like everything is equal, does it?  Oh, I love it.  I just love it. 

This tactile representation of a scientific theory is just what I needed to make.  And yes, now I really am done with the March TIFC.  The graph, the postcards, and the black/white contrast piece – WOW 3 for the month of March. 

What can I say?  I was thrilled to be added to the group, and got a wee bit enthused about it this month.   Now it’s time to get back to my regularly scheduled activities.


4 Responses to “Third Postcard – TIFC completed”

  1. paulahewitt Says:

    You have been excited about joining the challenge! I have made the exact same mistake with the bead trim, but i dont have a cat to help me pick them up…. I like the postcards and the colour theory chart – i recently saw in a book a colour wheel made from fabric and thought it was a good idea

  2. Linda Says:

    Wonderful little postcard and what an interesting colour theory chart.

  3. Doris Says:

    all amazing.

  4. angelines Says:

    Beautiful work, Regards from Spain

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