Spring, This is Spring???

We interrupt this fiber adventure to show what Spring – yes Spring – is like in Upstate New York.

English Walnut Tree

Yes, that’s snow – a lot of snow.  Yes, it’s Spring – but I live in Upstate New York.  That first picture is one of an English Walnut tree planted beside our driveway.   It is a beautifully regal tree with nice even branching.  It is home to lots of birds in the summer, and has a bed of crocus and perennials sheltered at the tree base.  You’d never know, as they haven’t dared start their journey to the surface.

This picture is of 3 of the evergreens edging our driveway. 


They were planted to keep the snow from drifting in and filling our 550′ driveway, and they do a wonderful job.  You can see a bit of the English Walnut tree on the left of the picture.  Now you can tell just how tall these evergreens have grown.

I do remain ever hopeful though. 


This last picture is of some daffodils, bravely pushing their way to the sun.  They are planted along the foundation of our house in the backyard.  The backyard has a southern exposure and the first signs of Spring make their debut along the house. 

I’d deeply appreciate it, if anybody from the south is reading this blog, to please put some fans on, and point them towards the north.  We could do with some nice southerly breezes up here. 


One Response to “Spring, This is Spring???”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Ohhhhh But it is sooo beautiful!!!! I know how you feel, I don’t really like being around snow for very long either (that is why I live in the desert where it snows maybe once every 8 years and then is melted by noon) but I sure do love the pictures. Thanks so much for sharing.

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