Happy April 1st

The last few days have been spent in trying to make a beaded button, knitting, and getting over being disappointed that the “brilliant” idea I had for finishing up the Rosalie Dace workshop piece was a resounding failure.

The beaded button progressed quickly – once I stopped looking at pictures of other people’s beaded buttons and concentrated on making my own.  The internet is a wonderful resource, but I have a tendency to look too much, and create too little.

Here’s a picture of what I made yesterday:

Beaded Button
The colors might not show up well on your monitors, but it’s really got some gorgeous rainbow hued beads on it.  I love that they take on different colors as the light hits them. Some are round, some are mini bugle types, plus there are silver beads and a silver cord couched down.  There are also some rose colored sequins attached by yet more rainbow hued beads.

I followed the directions from the site I mentioned last month, and a book from the library – taking a bit from one and bit from the other.  All of them suggested you place the button on top of your fabric and  trace around it, trace another larger circle around that and then bead in the center circle.

As you can see in the picture, way too much fabric shows along the edges.  Thank heavens I have a good seam allowance around the beading.  I’ll be able to remove the metal button form, add more beading, and then finishing the button. 

Making buttons is a bit like eating peanuts – you can’t stop with just one.  Now to make something to showcase this button – maybe a new purse.

The sweater knitting is progressing slowly but surely.  All is calm on the knitting front.

It’s too bad the workshop piece is stalled – yet again.  My “brilliant” idea was universally disliked.  It’s one thing if my husband dislikes it.  He’s my fiber art barometer.  If he dislikes something, either the piece gets sold, or an article gets published.  It’s a totally different thing when my fellow fiber artists look at it, and oh so politely suggest other ideas.   I asked for their thoughts, and they shared them – without hurting my feelings.  So it’s back to the design wall for that piece. 


2 Responses to “Happy April 1st”

  1. paulahewitt Says:

    The beaded button is lovely. I agree aout the internet…too much time getting inspiration, not enough time doing! Im sorry about your fibre piece being disliked, but Im glad you ignore your husbands advice… i do and it works every time!

  2. Kerry Says:

    Wow! I love your button! You are really inspiring me to try some.

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