Fabulous First Timers Crazy Quilt Block Started

No Rochester Area Fiber Art Group meeting for me Thursday.  Instead I awoke to my cat being violently sick.  She needed to go to the vet, then admitted to their hospital.  After having an xray, ultrasound, bloodwork drawn, and IVs, she’s still pretty sick, but purring, so I’m poaching chicken tenderloins for her and hoping she’ll be able to eat some today.

To keep myself distracted yesterday, I started working on a new project.  I’m a member of the Yahoo group CrazyQuiltingInternational (crazyquiltinginternational-subscribe@yahoogroups.com), and those artists are an extraordinary group of people.  Their embroidery skills are amazing, their sense of humor is unparalled, and they are nice to boot. 

They host a lot of Round Robins and I signed up for a Fabulous First Timer Round Robin.  There are 6 people in this round, and we each make a crazy quilt block, then mail it to our contact person.  The blocks make the rounds and have something added to them from each participant. This is a picture of the block I started yesterday:

Fabulous First Timers Block Started
I have no clue if I’m getting myself boxed in – piece wise, but I’m pretty sure I was supposed to start from the bottom and work my way to the top.  Of course, I started from the top and am working my way to the bottom.  I’m not dyslexic, but I am geometrically challenged.

Here’s a picture of it cropped so you can see the actual size it will be (10″) and how the edges are nicely cleaned up. 

Fabulous First Timers Block Cropped
Today, I hope to get a lot more of it pieced and will post a picture when it is completed.


2 Responses to “Fabulous First Timers Crazy Quilt Block Started”

  1. Gerry Says:

    This is a really nice start to your block. We’re going to be in this RR together! I look forward to working on your block.

  2. Karen South Says:

    Very nice! I too am in the RR with you and I’m beginning my block this weekend. I live the way you’ve added curves to the block. I can’t wait to see it finished.

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