April TIFC Finished

My April TIFC piece is finished.  It was totally composed in Paint Shop Pro and went through 3 different looks.   I focused on the concept of change and liked the idea of documenting the recent changes in aviation – probably because of the copyright free photos available on the internet. 

The first version had the space shuttle in the middle and all the older planes around it.  I edited the photos, framed them and placed them around the shuttle, connected by blue woven trails on a grey, crumpled background.  The black and white photos looked great against the grey, and I liked the woven blue trails, but the arrangement wasn’t quite right. 

Onto the second version – between resizing, mirroring, using different filters and arrangements, the planes became unrecognizable.  I didn’t even save any of the working files from the second version.

Finally, the third version was the winner.  These are mostly black and white photos, so I thought it would be fun to frame them with an old fashioned film strip look and elimnated the space shuttle. 

Changes in Aviation from WWII to the present

This picture is small in my blog, but the first plane is from 1943, then onto 1945, an Elvis Era plane is next and then a plane from the present.  It struck my funny bone to see a plane on NASA’s website labelled Elvis. 

This isn’t fiberly, but it is my finished April TIFC and I wanted to post it as I’m part of the TIFC web ring.  



One Response to “April TIFC Finished”

  1. paulahewitt Says:

    This is great – I love the film strip look – which would be easy to translate into cloth if you so desired 😉 !

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