Part I of my Quilting Journey

Quilting is a long time passion of mine.  Since 1976, I’ve made over 100 bed quilts – some for personal use, some to sell, and some Comfort Quilts for donation. 

Wall hangings came next.  There is a little area over a kitchen desk and I thought it would be nice to look at some of my fiber art every day.  Thus the concept of a different small quilt for every season.  Spring is here, so the little tulip wall hanging is up now.

Then one year, I really went over the top decorating for Christmas and made a wall hanging for my front door.  Those neat mangetic curtain rods work great for holding a small quilt on a metal door.  The idea of quilted door wall hangings might sound silly, but they look really nice and it softens the look of a metal door. After the holidays, the door looked bare nekkid so I then made seasonal wall hangings for the door.  The Spring front door wall hanging was put up this morning:


A few months ago, I was visiting my Aunt and her apartment entry way looked awfully plain, so I asked her if she’d like some small quilts for her front door also.  I purchased another magnetic rod for my Aunt and hang quilts on her door now too.  She really likes looking at a quilted wall hanging instead of a metal door, and so do her visitors. 

Part II of my quilting journey will be tomorrow’s post.  So stay tuned.  There is more to come!



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