Part II of my Quilting Journey

Making art quilts is my current quilting focus.  My very first piece was made for the Memorial Art Gallery show held earlier this year, and lo and behold, it sold.  My very first art quilt sale.  I was ecstatic. 

This was an invitational show and I was honored to be asked to participate.   It started with visiting the gallery this past summer to select a piece from their collection as inspiration.  The Impressionist style of painting has always appealed to me, so I selected one from that style and had a wonderful time making my piece. 

A collage of upholstery fabric was used as a base for the machine embroidered house I sewed out separately on metallic organza.    I hand embroidered around each window and door to highlight and add texture to the embroidery.  Each piece of the upholstery fabric base had a different decorative machine embroidery stitch sewing it in place.  My sewing machine was used extensively for this project.

Next, numerous machine embroidered leaves were appliqued by hand over the surface.  They were made on various colored tulles and sheers, using a wide variety of threads – rayons, cottons, metallics, silk, and variegated.  Additional silk flower leaves were added, and an embroidered cat was added for the house doorstep.

The entire piece was attached to 2 layers of black felt to act as a frame.  They were stitched together with copper wire.  My poor fingers will testify to that material being real copper.  The finished piece is 18′ x 22″.

I was hesitant to participate in this show, and did not reply by the deadline.  A personal phone call from one of the show co-ordinators changed my mind, and am I ever glad it did.  This was a wonderful experience.   This is the piece made for the show:

But there is another aspect of quilting that has captured my interest this year.  I’ve managed to find a new love.  More about that in Part III.


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