Trials and Errors and Successes

The past 3 days have been mega fiber frustrating for me.  Friday night I tried shuttle tatting again – this time with a beginner book.  The center was made with no problem, but then I could not figure out how to add the chains for the next rows. 

Stubborn head that I am, I tried all sorts of variations till the wee hours of the morning, then picked it right back up again Saturday – with nothing to show for all that time.  I haven’t given up, but it was time to work on something else.

Crocheting is easy for me, and the library has some wonderful books on the subject.  Crochet edgings and flowers would be lovely on crazy quilt blocks, so out came my teeny tiny metal crochet hooks and sewing thread.  You can probably guess by now that all did not go well.  Sunday’s crochet efforts yielded absolutely nothing.

Monday – the start to a new week – and my favorite day of the week – yes, I’m nuts, nobody likes Mondays except for me – I tried the crocheted flower again.  Success – sort of.  I was able to make the motif, but I didn’t like it with the variegated thread. 

You know what?  I was thrilled.  I was able to crochet the motif with thread and the small crochet hook, and I learned that variegated thread wasn’t a good idea for this type of design.  Mistakes are valuable learning experiences as far as I’m concerned.

Lastly, my embroidery machine was kept busy sewing out some of the lovely Criswell free standing lace designs I purchased oodles of years ago.  5 cones of 60/2 weight 100% silk yarn/thread were purchased for use with an industrial Dubied knitting machine I owned years ago. The machine was sold to a woman in California, and the silk was languishing in a drawer.  No more:

I really liked how these motifs sewed out and being 100% silk, I’ll be able to dye them any color I like.  Happy Days again!!!  I got my fiber mojo back!!! It’s going to be a good week.


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