More Free Standing Lace Motifs Made

It’s been a productive few days.  The paper pieced blocks for GVQC’s quilt are completed and a beaded tatted motif was finished.  It will be put on Gerry’s block and when I finish the seam treatments, I’ll take a photo and put it on the blog.  My hand knitted sweater is also coming along well. 

A mini free standing lace experiment was completed also.  I sewed the same motifs using different stabilizers – 2 layers of Solvy and 2 layers of Rinseaway were used to sew out a free lace design from Zundt. 

I had used 2 layers of the Rinseaway for another project, and should have read the instructions and used one layer for the lace motifs.  The Rinseaway motif was in water for close to 72 hours.  I picked at it with tweezers, changed the water at least 20 times a day and everytime I washed my hands, I washed the motif too. 

As you can see in the picture, the Rinsewaway paper didn’t want to dissolve.  It is a wonderfully soft piece of lace, but it’s hard to see the lace design.  I should probably try it again, using one layer, but I really don’t like the fuzzy edges. 

The motif that used 2 layers of Solvy really showcases the lace design.  It soaked in water overnight.  It isn’t nice and soft like the Rinseaway motif though. 

The conclusion?  Each stabilizer has good points and bad.  Each stabilizer is best suited for a specific project.  I will continue using the Solvy for free standing lace designs and I will also use the Rinseaway for embroidering on wearable items.  The drape and softness of the embroidery is wonderful, and I really didn’t give it a fair shot by using 2 layers instead of one.


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