May TIF Challenge Completed

This month I focused on the theme of the challenge and used some of my hand dyed fabric that I over painted  with a metallic bronze.  The fabric layout is a result of a paper cutting design exercise led by Janet Root.  A font from Paint Shop Pro was used to print my response on fabric to Sharon’s question “How do you describe yourself as an artist? ”


I simply say I am a fiber artist. Most people have a basic understanding of that concept, but quite frankly, I don’t think that fits. 

I am what I am.  Yes, I’m of the generation that grew up watching Popeye, and you know what?  He got it right.  I am what I am, and that’s all that I am.  And I’m darn happy living with that philosophy.

57 years of experience (as of May 29th) has taught me not to try and define who, or what I am.  Heck, I was born under the astrological Gemini sign.  I’m confused enough as it is.  LOL  Now you other people born under the twin sign know exactly what I’m talking about.  You get all excited and motivated about starting a project, only to have your other self say – oh look at what is being done over there.  Let’s make that too.  LOL

If I want to knit, tat a motif, make a Kumihimo braid, dye some fabric or yarn, make a beaded button, sew an item of clothing, embroider by hand or machine, crochet, make an art, crazy or traditional quilt, and on and on…. I can do it now, or try to learn how.   I can also cook a meal for my Dad, visit with my daughter, pet my cat, plant some flowers, read a book, and last but not least, be very grateful I married the right man for me.  Freedom is a blessing.

If I sell my art, that’s great.  I can afford to purchase more supplies, take a new workshop, buy some more books and magazines.  If I don’t sell it, I get the joy of creating it, and enjoy living with it, proudly displayed throughout my environment. 

So, yes, I would reluctantly say I’m a fiber artist, but I’m really a complex biological construct that is evolving and taking it day by day, having fun along the way.


3 Responses to “May TIF Challenge Completed”

  1. paulahewitt Says:

    Exactly. That was the title of my TIF too – I drew inspiration from popeye too. (and Im a gemini). btw – happy birthday.

  2. Linda Says:

    Funny, I go from one project to another that captures my interest and I’m a scorpio not a gemini. It keeps us well rounded (not to mention busy). Will be interesting to see what else you do with this.

  3. MaryjoO Says:

    I didn’t get anything done for this challenge, but am just about your age LOL and I think we finally can come to be comfortable with ourselves, although on any given day I sometimes wonder “where all the time went.” But, I still feel … lucky! Your fourth paragraph says it all for me.

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