Breast Cancer Block

Instead of preparing for a 3 day workshop that starts tomorrow, I continued working on a crazy quilt block for   Don’t ask me why, but I thought I could piece this block in a day.  Um, it’s a tucked fan design from one of Jennie Rayment’s books, and first I made a muslin prototype, then the one out of fancy bridal fabric.

Working with fancy bridal fabric is a lot different from sewing with muslin.  A case of the slip, slide and away sewing syndrome attacked quickly.  Sewing kudos to all you bridal dress makers. 

This block isn’t totally pieced, but I like how it’s shaping up.


The shadow underneath the lace motifs at the top of the fan is the netting that holds them all together.  That will be carefully trimmed and sewn in place. 

The pearl beads are sewn on one half of the fan – with 2 strands of silk thread.  I read in some of my beading books that it’s best to string and sew pearl beads with silk thread, so that’s why I used it instead of Nymo.

The heart at the base isn’t sewn on yet either, but I like the placement and will add lots of silk ribbon embroidery and beads to that motif and along the arch.

The top arc fabric section hasn’t been added yet as I wanted to complete all the tucks.  This way the folds at the top will be laying in the correct direction.  It will be a lot easier to add that top section if all the folds are tacked in place.  Then it will be time to zig-zag the edges and do a running stitch around the actual block size, so I know what my embroidery borders are.

I thought it would be fun to post about this block as a work in progress.  Instead of posting a photo of the completed project, it’ll be fun to share how it develops with everyone. 


One Response to “Breast Cancer Block”

  1. Jo in NZ Says:

    Wow Diane, I saw this block finished above. It looks great. What a fabulous idea. No wonder you weren’t thinking about your class.

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