B/C Crazy Quilt Block Pieced

The crazy quilt block I’m making for http://www.makingmemories.org/ is finally pieced. 

The beads on the twisted fan pleats are sewn in place.  The heart motif and central beads are pinned in place and will have additional stitching –  maybe a nice chain stitch in the center with those larger pearl beads nestled inside every 3rd or 4th stitch, and I think the heart would look nice with a silk ribbon floral outline..

The sides need some stitching also – something like scattered delica glass beads or scattered seed stitch.  That would fill in the blank space, and add subtle texture, but not detract from the fan.

Much as a I love the encrusted look, I’m not too sure a lot of heavy, dimensional embroidery would enhance this block.  The center beaded fan is a strong focal point, and I like it that way.

As usual, any and all suggestions or comments are welcome.   Hugs…


One Response to “B/C Crazy Quilt Block Pieced”

  1. crazyqstitcher Says:

    I LIKE this detail. I’ve never seen a CQ piece like this before. Beautifully done.

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