Stuck and How I got Unstuck on Peggy’s FFT’s Round Robin Block

Peggy’s block (from the FFT’s Round Robin) has been on my dining room table for almost a full month, as I’ve been stuck with what I should add to the block.  The mailing date is fast approaching, so it is time to get embroidering.

After complaining about being stuck on the crazyquilt international list recently, I got an idea of how to get unstuck.  Venting must do me good, because as I was typing about my frustration, the solution was making itself known. 

Paint Shop Pro to the rescue.  I took a photo of the block and used the dropper tool to get the hex number.  Then I went to the color wizard – – and typed in the hex number.  I set the color, then selected the complimentary key.  Hmm, good contrasts, but a bit too strong.  Split-complimentary might be better, so I selected that next and voila!!!  There were the colors that I’d use in Peggy’s block.

The piece of fabric I embroidered was the green one.  I added a stem stitch leaf with variegated greens.  I wanted the leaf to blend with the fabric, but it needed a little pizazz,  socouched some of the straight stitches with a metallic black/grey thread, and also sewed the center vein with the metallic, shading it with a bit of the green thread.

The flower is another variegated thread and straight from the split-complimentary shades.  The flower center has white/yellow rayon boucle stitching with white/gold metallic French knots.  It’s subtle, but the metallic reflects the light beautifully.

I still have a couple of seam treatments to embroider and maybe one more motif, and need to make sure I leave enough room for the next 2 people to add their contributions to Peggy’s block.  Guess once I get unstuck, it’s hard for me to stop. 😉 



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  1. Amutttruckkeft Says:

    It’s amazing

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