Peggy’s Crazy Quilt Block Completed

Once I got started working on Peggy’s block, it was hard to stop.  My contribution is completed and here is a close-up of what I’ve done.

If you follow the numbers, you’ll be able to match the description with the stitching: 

1 – Herringbone stitch with 2 strands of rayon floss, couched with a gold Sulky 30 wt cotton, and a deep ruby bead on each tip.  It’s really hard to see the gold thread at the tips, but it does show up in person.

2 – The flower and leaf sewn as mentioned in yesterday’s post.

3 – Silk ribbon embroidery on the fan – feather stitch thanks to all the gorgeous samples I’ve been seeing of that stitch on the crazy quilt international list, and loop flowers sewn in place with very light yellow beads.

4 – A silver metallic trim that is sewn into place with a variegated rayon yarn.  The yarn is light aqua, rose, light blue, and light gray with a black wrap. 

The raw edges of the fan fabric were not totally covered by the lace and beads, and I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t ravel on Peggy, so the extra trim was added and I really like the effect.  It adds more detail to the edge and I find I like the layered trim look.  It’s something I’ll use often now. 

I had a lot of fun working on this block and I learned a lot.  It’s a good thing, because I signed up for not one, but two new crazy quilt block round robins.  Stumpwork and hearts, here I come!!!



3 Responses to “Peggy’s Crazy Quilt Block Completed”

  1. Thelma Says:

    Beautiful work Debbie , Peggy will love it!!!

  2. dianemiller Says:

    Thank-you Thelma, but my name is Diane. LOL Debbie is in the same round robin, and it’s easy to switch names. I hope Peggy likes the block too. Hugs…

  3. Candi Harris Says:

    Debbie your work is just beautiful! Keep it up:)

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