Encrusted Crazy Quilt Block Part I

I’ve been a sluggard about working on my Joggles Encrusted Crazy Quilt class block.   Sharon (our fearless leader) had to leave home to help care for her very ill mother, and I did not want to bother her with a lot of questions.  She was really great and maintained computer connection the entire time she was away from home, but I was uncomfortable about placing any demands on her time.  She’s back home and now I’m in full class mode!!!

My first seam is completed and I had a great time making it. 


It’s very close to a seam Jackie (from the crazyquiltinternational yahoo group) shared with everyone last month.  She was smart and used 2 little straight stitches in V formation to tack down the cast on stitch (the light lavender flower).  The looked like little pistils and even had some little French knots at the tips.  I like the added texture of the flowers standing up a bit from the base fabric and stuck with using the center bead alone to anchor the flower in place. 

I know what my next seam treatment will be and am starting to plan motif locations.  This is such a great class.  I’m learning a lot and having fun.



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