Encrusted Crazy Quilt Block Part II

Another day, another seam treatment on my crazy quilt block. 

This one started with a curved chain stitch and a twisted chain stitch tip out of DMC # 5 variegated cotton thread, overlapped with a stem stitch curve with a chain rosette tip using 6 strands of DMC rayon floss.

It was a bear to get those threads through the fabric.  I had the correct needle, but by the end of sewing that seam my thumb and hand were mighty sore.  I much prefer using thinner threads and building an embroidered seam with multiple stitch combinations.  Plus I think it’s a bit heavy looking for the block and think it will need to be blended in somehow. I love the look of DMC # 5 though and will use it as a thread to be couched in place.  It would make a nice meandering vine or a great tree trunk. 

This picture also has 3 black circles on it.  I was thinking about adding a motif in each area.  One would be a beaded fan (I think the upper right circle), the bottom right circle would look nice with a silk ribbon embroidered curved garland, and a tatted something or other for the third.  The motifs would be larger than the circles, and I’d love some input as to whether I’m placing them in good spots. 



3 Responses to “Encrusted Crazy Quilt Block Part II”

  1. Cathy K Says:

    Diane, I’m having difficulty picturing motifs at this point. I usually plan seam treatments (maybe not every one, but most of them) before I get into the “heavy” (visually heavy) stuff. Often after stitching seams, you’ll find that areas where you need motifs (or visual weight to help move they eye) are not where you originally thought they might be. JMHO. Hugs, Cathy

  2. Leslie Says:

    Hi, Diane!

    Do you know what you will do for the other seams on the block? That could play a part on those motif placements too? You’re looking to cover some of your current treatment with a motif, right? Just trying to be sure i’m following! VBG! For me….I sort of do motifs and seams in tandem and they evolve that way. If this method works for you..tis ALL that’s important! Just enjoy the journey! Its fun to watch the block get dressed! VBG!!! Hugs…Leslie

  3. Susan Elliott Says:

    Hi Diane! I took this class from Sharon and it changed my life! I can totally appreciate where you are in your decision making process. Here’s my two cents for what it’s worth…I would leave the bottom right circle alone for a while until you get more seams done and your farther along…to me, it screams a “cluster” of some sort whether it be buttons, or silk ribbon flowers. I think motifs would look good on top right or bottom left because it breaks the line of those long pieces. Also, I don’t think the scalloped treatment is heavy looking at all, especially once you get more crusty ^_* Looks beautiful!

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