Encrusted Crazy Quilt Block Part V

The last lesson in my Encrusted Crazy Quilt class was received yesterday.  It’s hard to believe the class is ending.  I really only worked on the lessons for 2 weeks – out of the 6 week class – the first week when we pieced the block, and then this past week. 

I’m pleased with what I added to the block and I’m going to continue working on it and posting progress reports every so often until it’s finished.  No promises are being made that it will be completed in another 4 weeks though.  I’m in too many round robins, have a lot of fabric and thread dyeing to accomplish next month, am working on a quilt, and a new sweater design. 

The lace motif was made on my embroidery sewing machine with 100% 2-ply 60wt silk thread and is one of the Zundt designs my husband purchased for me for my birthday last May.  I do so love those Zundt embroidery designs. 

The motif was embellished with bronze colored glass seed beads and pearl beads were added to the flower centers.  I’m thinking about adding a little butterfly in the corner or a dragonfly with a spiral bead trail at the base.  It’s awfully close to the seam line, so it might be left as is.



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