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July’s TIFC Completed

August 24, 2008

My oh my, July was the first month I did not complete the challenge in time, but I did finally finish it.  I’m sure I was late because I was stubborn and wanted to dye a color gradation from D8C060 – the gold – to a warm based color selected at random.  I worked for days on getting the dye formula correct.  Okay, got that accomplished then realized I did not have all the Procion dyes I needed.  I really hated having to purchase 2 small containers of MX dyes when I had a shelf full of other dye powders, and I really hated having to pay for the shipping from CA to NY.  Dithering back and forth, then full blown procrastination made me miss the deadline. 

On my other blog – which focuses on art quilts and dyeing, I started printing fabric on my computer.  Light bulb moment – how about creating that color gradation on the printer? I have a fabulous Epson Photo 2000P printer that uses archival ink.  When I print on fabric, it’s permanent – no heat setting required.  Now the inks are not exactly reasonable, but for small projects it’s a heck of a lot easier, and a lot less messy than dyeing fabric.

Here’s how I went about creating a fabric gradation for the July TIFC:

1.  I used a paint program.  I have Paint Shop Pro – originally a Jasc product purchased by Corel. I selected the gold color D8C060 as my main color.  I’m drawn to warm based colors and selected a color randomly CC6666 to use as my second color. 


2.  From there, I clicked on the gradient feature in my program and it automatically created a gorgeous gradient.  I played around with angles, repeats and various gradient focal points till I found one I liked. 

3.  Once the gradiant was found, I opened a new file that was 4″ x 6″ large and filled it with the gradiant.  Now came the time to print on fabric.  All the attempts are discussed on my other blog, but here is a picture of the final print. 

I am really pleased with how it turned out.  Now onto the August TIFC challenge.  I wonder if I can finish that by the end of this month?



August’s TIFC Color Chart

August 10, 2008

 Another month, another TIFC topic and color choice.  I’m really late with making up this month’s color value chart to share with all of you, but better late than never doing it at all.  And I didn’t put the full dark range after the navy blue, as the colors were so close, it was hard to see the difference on the computer screen.   Please feel free to copy and save this for your own use.  Enjoy!!!

Cindy’s FFT’s Round Robin # 1 Blocks Finished

August 9, 2008

I finished my portion of the embellishment on Cindy’s blocks for the Fabulous First Timer’s Round Robin #1 last night.  She was really clever and sent bunny shaped pieces for everyone to embroider.  It is going to be gorgeous when it is completed.

This first picture shows my favorite side. 

I added some machine embroidery lace – a Zundt design sewn with 100% silk thread.  I love that curved swooping design and highlighted it with little seed beads on the edge tips.  The trailing flower vine was made with variegated DMC floss and the fern stitch, with solid dark green floss used for the flower base.  Pink silk ribbon was used for the flower buds.  The fern stitch is so versatile.  I’m planning on adding some of that stitch to my encrusted crazy quilt block too.

This next picture is the other bunny piece.

I happily added the slanted buttonhole stitch.  I loved the color, I loved the curve but couldn’t figure out what to add next. Then I thought of a butterfly. I found the perfectly sized filigree butterfly in my charm box, but it was a dark silver/black metal and did not look well with the material or the other embroidery. What to do???  Trace it and embroider it!!!

Now this is a perfectly acceptable butterfly – it’s recognizable as a butterfly, the metallic thread is beautiful against the fabric, it’s the right color, but it’s not the butterfly I was trying to recreate.   Hopefully, Cindy won’t mind that this butterfly is a bit larger than expected.

Encrusted Crazy Quilt Block Part VIII

August 3, 2008

My encrusted crazy quilt block was not working for me.  The silk ribbon embroidery did not look great with the crewel design, and it really bothered me.  I loved both of the motifs, but the join was all wrong.  Sharon – our fearless forum teacher – and fellow students gave me some suggestions (I asked and they kindly shared helpful tips).  I went with removing some of the silk ribbon embroidery and adding a button.

Now I hated removing the silk ribbon embroidery and had tried placing a button at the join, but that didn’t look good.  After building my courage – thanks to a Mexican Sundae – vanilla ice cream, plenty of chocolate syrup and Spanish peanuts – topped with real whipped cream – out came my scissors.  In a few minutes the central branch was removed.  It looked so much better. 

I’m not sure this will be the final button chosen, but having some of the background fabric showing between the crewel design and the silk ribbon embroidery makes all the difference in the world.  It’s okay that the greens are different.  That little bit of space between lets your eye adjust to the color shift.

I also removed the yellow silk ribbon along the seam.  That ribbon was fighting with the leaf spray and I much prefer this new version of my block. 

Next is a fan motif.  I really think some sort of beaded fan would like nice on this block – with a gold metallic tassel, or maybe a rayon silky tassel.