Encrusted Crazy Quilt Block Part VIII

My encrusted crazy quilt block was not working for me.  The silk ribbon embroidery did not look great with the crewel design, and it really bothered me.  I loved both of the motifs, but the join was all wrong.  Sharon – our fearless forum teacher – and fellow students gave me some suggestions (I asked and they kindly shared helpful tips).  I went with removing some of the silk ribbon embroidery and adding a button.

Now I hated removing the silk ribbon embroidery and had tried placing a button at the join, but that didn’t look good.  After building my courage – thanks to a Mexican Sundae – vanilla ice cream, plenty of chocolate syrup and Spanish peanuts – topped with real whipped cream – out came my scissors.  In a few minutes the central branch was removed.  It looked so much better. 

I’m not sure this will be the final button chosen, but having some of the background fabric showing between the crewel design and the silk ribbon embroidery makes all the difference in the world.  It’s okay that the greens are different.  That little bit of space between lets your eye adjust to the color shift.

I also removed the yellow silk ribbon along the seam.  That ribbon was fighting with the leaf spray and I much prefer this new version of my block. 

Next is a fan motif.  I really think some sort of beaded fan would like nice on this block – with a gold metallic tassel, or maybe a rayon silky tassel. 



One Response to “Encrusted Crazy Quilt Block Part VIII”

  1. Phyllis Says:

    I can’t believe the detailing. This is so beautiful. Thanks for the eye candy!

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