Cindy’s FFT’s Round Robin # 1 Blocks Finished

I finished my portion of the embellishment on Cindy’s blocks for the Fabulous First Timer’s Round Robin #1 last night.  She was really clever and sent bunny shaped pieces for everyone to embroider.  It is going to be gorgeous when it is completed.

This first picture shows my favorite side. 

I added some machine embroidery lace – a Zundt design sewn with 100% silk thread.  I love that curved swooping design and highlighted it with little seed beads on the edge tips.  The trailing flower vine was made with variegated DMC floss and the fern stitch, with solid dark green floss used for the flower base.  Pink silk ribbon was used for the flower buds.  The fern stitch is so versatile.  I’m planning on adding some of that stitch to my encrusted crazy quilt block too.

This next picture is the other bunny piece.

I happily added the slanted buttonhole stitch.  I loved the color, I loved the curve but couldn’t figure out what to add next. Then I thought of a butterfly. I found the perfectly sized filigree butterfly in my charm box, but it was a dark silver/black metal and did not look well with the material or the other embroidery. What to do???  Trace it and embroider it!!!

Now this is a perfectly acceptable butterfly – it’s recognizable as a butterfly, the metallic thread is beautiful against the fabric, it’s the right color, but it’s not the butterfly I was trying to recreate.   Hopefully, Cindy won’t mind that this butterfly is a bit larger than expected.


4 Responses to “Cindy’s FFT’s Round Robin # 1 Blocks Finished”

  1. Carol B. Says:

    Beautiful stitching. I think the butterfly looks fine and just the right size. I also like her idea of the the bunny background.

  2. Janet in Colorado Says:

    This is such a cute idea! Love your additions to it!

  3. Cindy Says:

    Wow, I love, love, love my block. It didn’t leave my house with pins in it, so feel free to take them out. It’s probably a good idea and safer going though the mail. I love what you have done. Isn’t this fun?

  4. kerry Says:

    Beautiful seamwork on this bunny! I love what you did with the ears too – jut perfect!

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