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Winter 2008 Sweater – a WISP

September 16, 2008

I regularly read Sharon Boggon’s blog In a Minute Ago and recently she was blogging about the difference between a WIP (Work in Progress) and a WISP (Work in Slow Progress).  I’d never heard of the term WISP used before, and I really like it.  It perfectly fits my style of hand knitting, and I plan on using the term a lot.  Thanks so much Sharon for blogging about WISPs.

My grandmother taught me how to hand knit almost 50 years ago – with red acrylic yarn and yellow plastic knitting needles.  I still have the knitting needles, but my first scarf is looooong gone.  Since then, I’ve knit 100’s if not 1,000’s of items.  I never kept track, but for a while I was production knitting school scarves and hats on my knitting machine.  It’s no exaggeration to say I’ve probably knit 1,000’s of items.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been solely hand knitting.  And I quite possibly am the world’s slowest hand knitter.  LOL  I enjoy each and every project.  The smaller the needle, the happier I am.  Lace? I haven’t found a lace pattern I don’t like.  A lot of stitches to count?  Bring them on. 

Here is a picture of a knitted swatch and the stitches cast on for my winter knitting project: 


It’s being knit with Moonbeam fingering weight yarn – shameless plug – I sell it on my business website – on size 1, yes size 1 knitting needles.  I’m getting 9 stitches and 16 rows to the inch, and I’m a curvy ample sized woman.  It might not look like a lot of stitches on that circular needle, but there are plenty. 

My husband saw me start this sweater and looked at me like I have a screw loose.  I serenely smiled back at him and said, “This makes me so happy.”  Smart man that he is, he smiled back at me and said, “Just so long as you’re happy.”  Did I get a keeper or what?

I’ll be working on this WISP most of the winter, while I “watch” TV – husband in his recliner, my cat Coco plastered next to me, a cordial glass of Bailey’s Irish Cream on the end table, and knitting on my lap.  A little bit of heaven on earth – for this knitter. 



September TIF Challenge Completed

September 15, 2008

I can’t believe it, but I’ve completed the September TIF challenge way ahead of time and without making a shaded color chart. The beads were a dark value of HEX: #06174F.    If any of you would still like me to make shaded color chart, just let my know by leaving a comment on this post, and I’ll get one done ASAP.

There was a knitted beaded bracelet shown on an old Carol Duval HGTV show, and since I dearly love knitting, it’s time had arrived.  It was really easy to knit but I found I needed more yardage than stated in the directions – which can be found at 

Not about to waste all that knitting time, I added a loop and a peyote toggle button.

It took me longer to make that one toggle button than it did to knit the entire bracelet.  At first, I thought it was pretty ugly, but it’s growing on me, and I switched the button around to the top, turned it, and it now looks like a decorative addition instead of an afterthought.  This might be delusional thinking, but it works for me.  It came to me as I was typing this post so the above picture doesn’t show me wearing it that way.


August TIF Challenge Completed

September 12, 2008

I’m very late with finishing August’s challenge as we are experiencing a family emergency at the moment.  I also managed to pick up something or other, and have some time at home until the labwork comes back so I can get back to helping out.

The first thing I started to work on was finishing up the August TIF Challenge piece.

This is a block from a recently purchased pattern – the French Rose – and I chose to use the dusty pinks from color A82D2D.  The fabric has not been washed and is sewn 1/4″ away from the edge.  There are 4 layers and it supposed to ravel and curl after a few washing to create a soft, pretty, shabby chic sort of quilt.