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Folded Flower

November 18, 2008

Winter has arrived.  A couple of inches of snow is on the ground and the salt trucks are out in force.  I’m not waxing poetic about how beautiful the first snowfall of the year is – in a vain attempt to make myself believe it, because the unvarnished truth is I hate cold weather, I hate snow, and am truly looking forward to when I can get out of Upstate New York in the winter.

On the plus side, I finally decided on a button for my first folded flower.  None of the ones pictured in the 4 versions seemed right to me.  Luckily, I happened upon one I’d been saving for another project and used it for the flower instead:

Isn’t it pretty?  All my family “consultants” don’t like it.  They think it’s too small for the flower, but I like it, and I’m the one who will be wearing it, so it’s staying this way. 

Your grumpy blogger sends hugs…


Crazy Quilt Christmas Cracker

November 15, 2008

We’ve been blessed with some pretty nice weather this month and it’s been great to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and unseasonably warm days here in Upstate New York.

The crazyquiltinternational yahoo group had a Christmas cracker swap offered, and I signed up to participate.  We each filled out a database with our likes and dislikes, and then the fun began.  I signed up to make one, and enjoyed making a crazy quilt block for the cover. 

This was a bit of a stretch for me – which is good.  Warm based colors are my favorites, but I wanted to use the favorite colors of the person who will receive this Christmas cracker.   Here is a picture of the block:

Crazy Quilt Christmas Cracker block

Crazy Quilt Christmas Cracker block

Then I got to fill it with all sorts of goodies.  I don’t want to say what is inside, because it will ruin the surprise for the person receiving it, but some hand dyed something or other made it’s way into that little Christmas cracker.  And here is a picture of the completed Christmas cracker: