Crazy Quilt Christmas Cracker Opened

Family, food, and fun – the last few days have been filled with an abundance of all that and more.  My niece and her husband arrived from Indiana, and it’s always a pleasure to see them.  She’s an accomplished, beautiful woman who brought her guitar and led the whole family in our yearly caroling.  I snapped this photo in the middle of her singing, so included the little inset picture of her and her husband so you can see their gorgeous smiles:

I brought some jingle bells and my niece let us use her guitar case as a drum while we sang The Little Drummer Boy – one of my favorite Christmas songs.   My sister Elaine and I sang and played our little hearts out.  We laughed so much, it was difficult to finish singing the song. 

And last but not least, I got to open the  Christmas cracker from the crazyquiltinternational swap.  Oh my, was that ever fun. Thank-you so very much Cindy.  You managed to pack lots of wonderful cq treasures  inside that little Christmas Cracker.  Here is a picture of all the goodies packed inside:

Blessings for peace and harmony to one and all.



One Response to “Crazy Quilt Christmas Cracker Opened”

  1. Rose Anne Says:

    Lovely cracker Diane, aren’t we lucky to have such awesome CQing friends? Enjoy.

    And awesome you have your very own entertainment all dressed appropriately too!

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