December Take It Further Challenge Completed

This is my December Take It Further piece.  As usual, I work with the color palette, and I combined the January Dye Hard painted bondaweb swap with the December Take It Further challenge by using the Christmas green paint. 

This is the first fabric postcard using the Wonder Under fusible, and while I like how the paint moved, I do not like that it stuck to the paper.  I had to soak the entire piece in water to get the paper off the fusible.  I also do not like that the Wonder Under is peeling off in areas –  visible all across the bottom edge.  This is Wonder Under I’ve had for a bit, so it might be part of that bad batch from a few years ago. 

This piece reminded me of stone, so I sewed a small zig-zag stitch using cream thread to make mortar for my fabric stonewall.  There is a layer of batting under the stitching and since the fusible was flaking off, I didn’t want the fusible along the edge.  A piece of muslin was used to create a pillowcase and the card stock was slipped inside then the edge sewn closed along the bottom with nylon thread.

A layer of netting or sheer fabric would probably be a good idea to keep the fusible in place. 

And now for a bit of a rant.  If you don’t want to read me blasting the US Congress, please stop reading now and enjoy your New Year’s Eve. 

This morning’s paper had a front page article entitled:  “Congress’ raise draws criticism”.  How out of touch can our representatives be?  We are in a recession, millions of people are losing their jobs, and Congress is receiving a 2.8% raise.   It’s bad enough they get a free ride on their health care costs, but to be so arrogant as to give themselves a raise now???   Puhleese!!! 

Wake up Americans.  If you don’t like this, write, call or email your Congressman to let them know.  Maybe if enough of us speak up, our elected officials will listen us.  

Signing off with not my usual hugs, as I’m not feeling the love for Congress…


One Response to “December Take It Further Challenge Completed”

  1. lee Says:

    Nice work with all your TIF projects, and congrats on making it to the end of the year.

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