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Hearts I Round Robin – Kim’s Crazy Quilt Block

March 20, 2009

I fell in love with Kim’s crazy quilt block the minute I saw it and took my time deciding what to add to it.  It’s a bit scary when you embroider on someone else’s crazy quilt block.  Foremost in my mind is – DON’T MESS IT UP.  I do hope that Kim will like my contribution to her block:

Aren’t her embroidered hearts gorgeous?  Kim did all the silk ribbon work and did a beautiful job.  A couple of them seemed like they needed a bit more embellishment (I do so love encrusted crazy quilts) so I added a rayon machine embroidered motif that I made to this block:


I added the 3 heart buttons to this next heart and the seam treatment:

It’s hard to photograph silky fabric.  Between today’s bright sunshine and the shiny fabric, this was about the best I could do.  The seam embroidery on this heart is small, but it’s a stem stitch arched over the heart buttons using a solid DMC color.  Next was an overlapped arched in the same thread, this time with a lighter color wrapped around each stitch.  The addition of little leaves completed that small seam.   I can’t take credit for coming up with this idea.  Connie used it for her encrusted crazy quilt block and I “borrowed” it for Kim’s block.

This next photo shows a silk ribbon seam, a crocheted heart, and an embroidered peacock feather:


The silk ribbon seam is overlapped fly stitch.  In the center of the fly stitches are a detached daisy stitch, flanked by some straight stitches.  I used 2 colors, but it’s very hard to see.  The darker color is a variegated DMC thread and the lighter cream color is linen thread with tiny cream glass beads.

The crochet heart was made with sewing thread and a size 8 crochet hook.  I didn’t have any smaller than that.  A big thank-you goes out to Rose Anne.  She had one posted on her blog and kindly shared the pattern with me.  I added a sequin flower to the center to notch up the glam factor. 

The peacock feather is my design.  I beaded the center and outlined it in metallic thread, then used my hand dyed cotton thread to back stitch the feathers.  A stem stitch was used for the stem.  While the colors were perfect for the feather, they didn’t show up much in the block, so I wrapped 2 strands of a Gutterman metallic thread around each stitch so it would be a bit more visible.

I really wanted to bead the entire feather, but this block will be going to Australia and all those beads would have made for one heavy package.  I also did not want the feather to overshadow Kim’s embroidered hearts.  Those hearts are wonderful focal points, and deserve all the attention.  Everything I added, I wanted to behave as a supporting cast – adding interest, but not hogging the limelight.  😉



Yet More Shopping

March 18, 2009

More shopping for me this week.  Retail therapy is such fun.  Here is a picture of a nice assortment of YLI’s Silk Buttonhole Twist thread:


I purchased way more than I needed for myself, so if anyone is interested in adding to their supply, please email me at for price info.   I can let you know what colors I have too. 

I got lots of questions about the colors, and thought it would be a good idea to post number and names according to rows.  There are 13 rows and I’m listing them from the top to the bottom and from left to right.  I hope this helps a bit.

Row 1 –  White, 00 Nat White, 01 Cranberry, 02 Brick Red, 04 Chinese Red, 05 Brt Red Orange

Row 2 – 06 Magenta, 11 Brt Pink, 13 Pl Peach, 14 Palest Pink, 16 Creme, 17 Lt Yellow

Row 3 – 18 Dandelion, 19 Goldenrod, 20 Royal Blue, 21 Med Royal Blue, 22 Grape, 23 Dk Eggplant

Row 4 – 24 Eggplant, 27 Khaki, 28 Pine Green, 29 Xmas Green, 30 Brt Green, 31 Mint Green

Row 5 – 33 Wedgewood, 55 Cinnamon, 78 Gold, 79 Dull Gold, 83 Beige Brown, 84 Taupe Brown

Row 6 – 85 Brt Turquoise, 86 Dk Blue Green, 89 Dk Rose, 91 Salmon, 92 Tea Rose, 93 Lt Rose

Row 7 – 94 Lt Rosy Peach, 97 Med Creme, 99 Pumpkin, 100 Cocoa Brown, 101 Brown, 107 Dusty Purple

Row 8 –  108 Lilac, 111 Lt Loden Green, 112 Dk Leaf Green, 116 Med Turquoise, 118 Brt Blue, 124 Lt Olive Brown

Row 9 –  134 Brt Grass Green, 136 Aqua, 138 Grass Green, 144 Brt Royal Blue, 148 Jungle Green, 151 Dk Blue

Row 10 – 154 Dk Royal, 155 Olive Green, 166 Palest Mint, 170 Dusty Rose, 171 Flamingo Pink, 172 Bubble Gum Pink

Row 11 – 177 Melon, 182 Natural, 185 Beige, 186 Pl Beige, 189 Lt Dusty Purple, 190 Lt Dusty Rose

Row 12 – 191 Dusty Mauve, 196 Butter, 745 Dk Turquoise, 795 Fuchsia, 818 Dk Purple, 821 Dk Dusty Rose

Row 13 – 827 Pale Khaki, 828 Green Yellow, Black

March 2009 Quilt Club Meeting

March 12, 2009

I had a wonderful time at GVQC’s monthly meeting.  My husband drove me as my left arm is in a sling, and it was snowing quite a bit today.  I was uncomfortable driving one-handed on snowy roads.  Of course, as soon as we got out of our neighborhood, it stopped snowing and the sun came out. 

I picked up some gorgeous new buttons from the member sale table:

The little gold lion and the elegant lady on the buttons will be perfect for my crazy quilt blocks.  I’d never seen anything like them before, and was thrilled to add them to my button collection.  And yes, I bought more than one of each kind.  One is never enough.  😉

Our guest speaker was Esterita Austin.  She is a wonderful speaker with a great sense of humor.  Not only was her presentation entertaining, it was also wonderful to see some of her quilts, and learn how she builds them.