March 2009 Quilt Club Meeting

I had a wonderful time at GVQC’s monthly meeting.  My husband drove me as my left arm is in a sling, and it was snowing quite a bit today.  I was uncomfortable driving one-handed on snowy roads.  Of course, as soon as we got out of our neighborhood, it stopped snowing and the sun came out. 

I picked up some gorgeous new buttons from the member sale table:

The little gold lion and the elegant lady on the buttons will be perfect for my crazy quilt blocks.  I’d never seen anything like them before, and was thrilled to add them to my button collection.  And yes, I bought more than one of each kind.  One is never enough.  😉

Our guest speaker was Esterita Austin.  She is a wonderful speaker with a great sense of humor.  Not only was her presentation entertaining, it was also wonderful to see some of her quilts, and learn how she builds them. 



3 Responses to “March 2009 Quilt Club Meeting”

  1. Rose Anne Says:

    WOW Diane, you are not kidding you got some lovely buttons!!!

  2. Janet in Colorado Says:

    OOOH! Love those buttons! I would have snapped them up (and yes, paid for them) too!

  3. Lyn G Says:

    Lovely cameo’s, have I ever mentioned that I just love cameo’s in your “hearing”?? Lyn G

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