Hearts I Round Robin – Kim’s Crazy Quilt Block

I fell in love with Kim’s crazy quilt block the minute I saw it and took my time deciding what to add to it.  It’s a bit scary when you embroider on someone else’s crazy quilt block.  Foremost in my mind is – DON’T MESS IT UP.  I do hope that Kim will like my contribution to her block:

Aren’t her embroidered hearts gorgeous?  Kim did all the silk ribbon work and did a beautiful job.  A couple of them seemed like they needed a bit more embellishment (I do so love encrusted crazy quilts) so I added a rayon machine embroidered motif that I made to this block:


I added the 3 heart buttons to this next heart and the seam treatment:

It’s hard to photograph silky fabric.  Between today’s bright sunshine and the shiny fabric, this was about the best I could do.  The seam embroidery on this heart is small, but it’s a stem stitch arched over the heart buttons using a solid DMC color.  Next was an overlapped arched in the same thread, this time with a lighter color wrapped around each stitch.  The addition of little leaves completed that small seam.   I can’t take credit for coming up with this idea.  Connie used it for her encrusted crazy quilt block and I “borrowed” it for Kim’s block.

This next photo shows a silk ribbon seam, a crocheted heart, and an embroidered peacock feather:


The silk ribbon seam is overlapped fly stitch.  In the center of the fly stitches are a detached daisy stitch, flanked by some straight stitches.  I used 2 colors, but it’s very hard to see.  The darker color is a variegated DMC thread and the lighter cream color is linen thread with tiny cream glass beads.

The crochet heart was made with sewing thread and a size 8 crochet hook.  I didn’t have any smaller than that.  A big thank-you goes out to Rose Anne.  She had one posted on her blog and kindly shared the pattern with me.  I added a sequin flower to the center to notch up the glam factor. 

The peacock feather is my design.  I beaded the center and outlined it in metallic thread, then used my hand dyed cotton thread to back stitch the feathers.  A stem stitch was used for the stem.  While the colors were perfect for the feather, they didn’t show up much in the block, so I wrapped 2 strands of a Gutterman metallic thread around each stitch so it would be a bit more visible.

I really wanted to bead the entire feather, but this block will be going to Australia and all those beads would have made for one heavy package.  I also did not want the feather to overshadow Kim’s embroidered hearts.  Those hearts are wonderful focal points, and deserve all the attention.  Everything I added, I wanted to behave as a supporting cast – adding interest, but not hogging the limelight.  😉



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