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Hearts I – Round Robin Lindy’s Block

April 24, 2009

Hearts I Round Robin

When Lindy’s block arrived, the happy colors were a harbinger of Spring’s arrival.  The dark velvety embossed fabric patch had a pattern of flowers and leaves, and I decided to go with the flow and highlight the fabric design.  With a heart themed round robin though, I wanted to be sure to add a lot of hearts, and I managed to add 15 to Lindy’s block. 

Here is a picture of the entire block:


And here is a close-up:


How would I manage to highlight the flower, but have it relate to the heart theme?  Why make a flower out of heart buttons.  The buttons were a perfect fit with tembossed flower on the fabric, and with a sequin center, the flower was born.  The stems were embroidered with my hand dyed cotton thread in a woven stitch.  There is something about a needle and thread drawing and looping through fabric that calms the soul.  I couldn’t get enough of this stitch and ended up adding it to another project I’m making.  No pictures of that yet as it is a work in progress.

A little chain stitch curve made with variegated DMC thread was added to a seam, and the first design I placed in the centers was too small and the wrong color, so it took a trip to the frog pond – rippit, rippit, rippit – and the detached chain stitch flower was born.  It’s using those pearlescent metallic threads from DMC that are a pain to use.  Those strands separate like crazy and while I like how they look, I’m not too sure I’ll be purchasing more of them.  The Krenik metallic threads behave much better.  This flower also has a sequin center with a bead to add a bit more sparkle.

Last, but not least, I embellished the beautiful organza trim with tiny pearl heart beads, then added a gold charm to the tip. I had just purchased the pearl heart beads last week.  Those beads didn’t get a chance to properly age in my collection at all.

I hope Lindy will like my contribution to her block.