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Gerry’s Heart I Round Robin Block Completed

June 2, 2009

Ta Da – I finally finished my contribution to Gerry’s Heart I Round Robin crazy quilt block.  Her block was really lovely, and I didn’t work on it for the longest time.  I managed to get an extremely painful knee bruise.  It’s been a long 5 weeks, and I’m thankful to share with everyone that I’m feeling much better.  I happily worked on her block this past week:

Dianes work on Gerrys Heart blog
The first thing I did was add some trim to the pink velvet ribbon and embroider a beaded feather stitch heart towards the bottom of the block.  I just love using beads and thought that light pink shade looked good against the green silk fabric.

The heart button was already on the block, and I added an antique white button next it by stacking a gold metal heart bead on top of it, then a Cloisonne button to fill in the corner.  I also added pink pearl seed beads around the silkie. 

I liked the gold metal heart beads, so added them to the lace that is in the middle and wanted to make the lace edge a bit more substantial – to balance the metal beads.  I blended 3 strands of DMC 4170 with 2 strands of DMC 4110 to create a nice variegated look for a twisted chain stitch edging.

Next was the appliqued heart on the left.  I used some pink silk fabric and sewed it in place with an interlaced chain stitch edging using antique gold Knit Crosheen as the base fabric and 3 strands of DMC floss.  I “auditioned” 4 other thread combos before I found one I liked.  Seed beads and some leaf beads were added along with the embroidery at the top to create a Victorian style heart. 

Last but not least was a rayon heart I made on my embroidery machine for the center block.  I didn’t bead it as I like seeing the lacy pattern.  Gerry really likes the encrusted look though, so something tells me beads or silk ribbon embroidery will be added to that little heart eventually.  🙂

Grand total of hearts added to Gerry’s block?  8 and I enjoyed adding each and every one of them.  I hope Gerry will like what I added to her block, and I can’t wait till mine comes home.  I’ll share pictures of that when it arrives.