My First Embroidered Tree

It is so good to get back to embroidering again.  Last year I participated in a Fabulous First Timers Crazy Quilt block exchange and I added a tree to it this past week.

tree - wool felt

This was quite a process.  It took a few days to decide what type of tree to add and to scale it to the block.  The background fabrics were 2 different colors,  and I wanted to make sure the tree would be visible, so I used felted wool for the leaves and embroidered the branches with rayon floss.

The trunk used 3 different shades of DMC cotton floss, plus some rayon floss and a nubby yarn.  It’s a combination of stemstitch, chain stitch, straight stitch, and French knots.  It’s the first trunk I’ve embroidered and while it’s not perfect, I’m happy with my first attempt.

Tonight I plan on embellishing the lower left corner of the block and will add another picture of that later this week.  It’s oh so good to work with textiles again.

Now for the medical update and it’s gross, so if you have a sensitive stomach, stop reading right here and do not look atthe picture after this message.

My stitches came out – yippee, yahoo, and I’d do a happy dance if it didn’t hurt so much to dance.  LOL 

I had 2 incisions on that little baby toe with stitches on the top and along the inside.  The toe was rotated,  a bone removed, and some bone was shaved off on the side.  The stitches went right through the toenail and all I can say is I hope this surgery works.  It’s the second one for this toe, and it’s no fun having to sit on a sofa for weeks at a time. 

Between the bad bone bruise and having to wear a knee brace, then the toe surgery, this left leg of mine has been getting way too much attention lately.

Now close your eyes and stop reading because here is a picture of what my toe looks like:

toe surgery
Wincing and hugs…


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