More Embroidered Added to FFT Crazy Quilt Block

Another bit of embroidery was added to the Fabulous First Timers Crazy Quilt block. 

gold and trapunto birds

This time I highlighted the birds with some gold thread.  I used a heavier thread on the big bird and a thinner one for the small black birds.  The small black birds also have some fat batt behind them.  It’s hard to see in the photo, but when I use this block in a project, I’ll be sure to quilt around them so they will be 3 dimensional.  It’s a techinque called trapunto that I’ve used it in lots of other projects, and have taught the techinque in a local quilt store. 

Some red beads were added for the fruit and they are actually a medium shade of red.  The background fabric was so dark, it made the beads appear much darker. 

A little Asian charm was added to the center pink fabric, and I took a photo of the whole block so you could see everything in perspective. 

whole block after birds

I’m leaning more and more towards this being part of a jacket.  Nothing like taking almost a year to decide what to do with it. 😉  More embroidery will probably be added. 

It’s breaking my heart, but I’m going to have to remove the really cute bug in the upper right corner.  It wouldn’t hold up to hand washing, let alone the washing machine and if this is used for a jacket, the block has to be able to be laundered.  The bug will be saved for another project as it is so charming.  And anybody who knows me well, knows it takes a lot for me to say a bug is charming.  LOL 



3 Responses to “More Embroidered Added to FFT Crazy Quilt Block”

  1. Rose Anne Says:

    WOW that is just lovely!!!!

  2. Rose Anne Says:

    And your tree is just WOW!!!
    Your toe though is YOWIE!!!!!!!

  3. Aida Costa Says:

    That’s GORGEOUS. What a beautiful layout!!

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