Retail Therapy II

Today is silk ribbon picture day.  I purchased a package of YLI’s hand dyed silk ribbon for myself.  I wanted to compare it with the silk ribbon I’ve hand dyed for myself, and the gorgeous hand dyed silk ribbon I’ve seen hand dyed by Victoria Clayton of

Here’s what the YLI silk ribbon looks like:

YLI hand dyed 7mm silk ribbon
It is very pretty.  If you weren’t a hand dyer yourself, you’d think it was perfect.  As I do hand dye, I can see all the speckles on the ribbon where the dye powder didn’t dissolve in the water properly. 

Another thing that surprised me was the way the ribbon was wound on the plastic spools.  The ribbon was not wound flat. It was twisted and in places it looked 1/4 the width.  Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to purchase creased silk ribbon.  I had to wet it and iron it flat last night. 

A good thing about this ribbon – it did not run when I washed it.  The dye is colorfast.  That is a very good thing.  Maybe I’m too fussy, but this is an item I wouldn’t purchase again.  I do like the colors, and now my curiosity has been satisfied.  

The sun is shining, and I’m going to spend the day making some quilt blocks for a DYB round robin.  It’s called Faces and I’ll post pictures of the Cloisonne beads I purchased for this project tomorrow. 



4 Responses to “Retail Therapy II”

  1. Skye Says:

    It looks pretty..I do want to thank you for your review of these products..Having not seen many and only being able to order online, it’s nice to know what to look for and what products my cq friends feel worthy..Thank you..hugs, Skye

  2. kerry Says:

    Thanks for the review Diane – I had never even seen the hand dyed version up here but it is very good to know all about it.

  3. Janet in Colorado Says:

    The ribbons I recently purchased from hand-dyed fibers was also wrinkled and folded and in skeins like floss. I don’t usually iron my ribbons before working with them, as they are stored wrapped on cards, but these will need to be ironed. I do like the colors I got, and the prices and shipping were great.

    • dianemiller Says:

      Oh, I didn’t know that. I’ve seen the ribbons hanging and drying and didn’t realize they were package like a skein. The colors she creates are so gorgeous, it’s worth ironing them flat though. Thanks for letting me know.

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