Faces DYB

Today is a bittersweet day for me.  It’s my mother’s birthday, and she passed away almost 3 years ago.  I was up late last night so before I fell asleep, I sang Happy Birthday to her at 1:30 am this morning and teared up a bit, but know she’s at peace. 

I was up at 1:30 sewing the crazy quilt blocks for the Faces DYB round robin on the yahoo crazyquiltinternational group, and am happy to say that I made the deadline.  See:

blocks with surgical boot
The blocks are jewel tone colors with a white block center in 3 and a black center in the other 3.  They will be embellished and returned to me ready to be placed in a wearable art jacket.  There are 2 different size faces on those blocks and I like the bigger ones the best.  What do you all think?  None are sewn on yet, but the big ones were sent with the blocks and are on their way to Maine.

These blocks will be placed on the jacket with the black center blocks on the light side and the vice versa for the white center blocks.  I’m hoping to play off the black/white concept using an Art Nouveau styling.  Wish me luck, because right now it’s all in the developmental stage.  Everyone has a unique embroidery style, and the blocks will let me know how they want to be used when they come back home – all dressed up. 

That might sound funny to some, but I have no idea what colors, type of embroidery, techniques, etc…. will be used on these blocks.  They might play well together, they might not.  I’ll be happy with whatever the talented ladies in this group create.  Each and every one of them is an embroidery artist.

Oh, did you catch the nifty surgical boot on my left foot.  Isn’t it oh so gorgeous with the white sock?  And how about the black shoe on my other foot?  It’s the only shoe I own that is remotely close in height to the surgical boot.  It’s quite the look, isn’t it?  Think I’ll start a new fashion trend?   LOL



4 Responses to “Faces DYB”

  1. Karen K Says:

    You are quite the fashion statement!!! LOL I am as bad with 2 black eyes from surgery. Guy at Goodwill this AM told me I should ditch my man!!! Love the blocks they are great!

    • dianemiller Says:

      Oh boy, I hope your black eyes don’t hurt. Hopefully, you’ll be back to your beautiful self soon. Thank-you for the nice comment about my quilt blocks. Hugs..

  2. Rose Anne Says:

    OMGG your FACES DYB blocks are just gorgeous my dear. I can’t wait to start working on one of them that is for sure!!!

  3. gerry krueger Says:

    Had to go check to see when I get your block…second right after debbie and that’s great because I want a blue one….

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