Retail Therapy III

More goodies to share with you from my recent shopping splurge:

Inspirations 58Inspirations 62
These are 2 issues of Inspirations magazine from Australia #58 is on the left  and 62 on the right.  They are filled with abolutely gorgeous embroidery patterns and wonderful close up photos of the work, and how to accomplish some of the stitches.  I heard about this magazine on the yahoo crazyquiltinternation group, and decided to see what the magazine was like.  Here is a picture of one of the embroideries from issue # 58:

floral from Inspiration 58
Gorgeous, true???  Will I ever stitch something like this?  Who knows.  I’ve learned to eliminate the word never from my vocabulary.  All things are possible. 



3 Responses to “Retail Therapy III”

  1. Ann Flowers Says:

    Wonderful purchase!!! I recently learned of this magazine and Arlene from Australia was so kind to send me a issue. I have poured over it many time. I LOVE it. I sure wish I could afford a subscription. It is the most amazing embroidery magazine I have ever seen. I found that Barns and Noble have it. The newest issue came out just a couple of days ago, although They did not have it yet at my store…. I am counting the days…….

    Awesome you got some issues!

  2. Ana Maria Says:

    Dear Dimiti I am from argentina, my name is Anita Alvarado, I have embroideried all my life, since my mother taught me; i love it!!
    Here, we don’t have that type of magazines, it so far away!,and the price of the suscription here its almost the double the normal price.
    I haved embrideried the bag of the front of your Inspirations #62( all from your photo), but i dont see much how it continues. Please, could you scan for me the inside of the magazine of that work. I will sure thank you a lot for it!! promesse to you a photo of my work finished!!
    hugs from the end of world! Anita.
    Ps: happy new year!!

    • dianemiller Says:

      Hi Anita,

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed seeing the photos of that magazine. It is a nice one, but I can’t take photos of the instructions as that would be against copyright laws. I’m sorry to disappoint you. Hugs and happy new year to you also. Diane

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