Retail Therapy IV – the Finale

All good things must come to an end, and these are the last items I purchased from last week’s shopping spree:

KNK buttonhole twist backorder colors

I never thought I’d get anymore of the silk buttonhole twist thread I ordered way back in March, but lo and behold, a lot of my backordered colors were shipped to me.  Oh happy days!!!   This picture will enlarge if you click on it, and I’ll make the same offer I did way back in March.  So if anybody is interested, please email me.

The colors going in numerical order and from the upper left down each vertical row:

7 Dusty Pink,  10 Geranium, 12 Baby Pink, 34 Baby Blue

104 Light Blue, 114 Powder Green, 115 Pale Blue Green, 117 Periwinkle Blue

119 Light Khaki, 132 Elm Green, 135 Maroon, 140 Baby Pink

141 Eggshell, 156 Leaf Green, 157 Light Olive Green, 158 Golden Yellow

160 Light Yellow Green, 179 Rust, 188 Antique Rose, 192 Pale Lavender



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