New Puppy

There is a new addition to my family.  My daughter and her husband welcomed a new puppy into their home.  Of course, the minute I saw him I had to pick him up and begin cuddling him:

 me and the new puppy

Is that not an adorable puppy?  He’s a Samoyed, 12 weeks old, and can you believe even his eyelashes are white?   He’s a vocal little guy and very shy.  It was really hard for me to hand him back to her.  I gave him a few kisses, he gave me a few back, and is happily settling into his new home. 



2 Responses to “New Puppy”

  1. Puppy Pen Says:

    He’s so cute. It’s hard to believe that he is only 12 weeks old. He is so big.

  2. Cathy K Says:

    Aww…… he’s so cute! I had a Samoyed once, when I was still a teenager living with my parents. His name was Mishka. Puppy Pen is right…. he sure looks BIG for 12 weeks!! Congrats to the family on a wonderful new addition! Hugs, Cathy

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