Beaded Ring and Thoughts to Ponder

With all my sofa time this spring and summer, I’ve been having a great time making beaded rings.  Here’s a picture of the newest one:

blue and gold ring
These take very little time to make and I’m enjoying experimenting with colors and different bead finishes.  The matte beads are really appealing but the high gloss ones sparkle.  The matte ring I made looks great with white knit slacks, yet this shiny one does too. 

I’ve learned an awful lot about using beads and how the background fabric affects the color.  No more do I select my beads from the container alone.  Now they are spread out on the fabric so I can see how they will appear.  

Bead selection for a project has changed more than once because of that, and I’ve learned to pull out colors I don’t think will work.  I’ve read all this information in books over the years, so I knew this intellectually, but this summer’s hands-on exercises were invaluable. 

Yes, I cherish the books I purchase.  I read them, I’m inspired by them, but nothing replaces actual work experience.  There is something to be said for taking on an apprentice to learn a skill.  Those guilds we read about in our history books served a purpose –  passing on knowledge, experience and technique – keeping their crafts alive and flourishing.   Are our modern day workshops taking the place of those historic guilds?  Our internet classes? 

Leaving you a few thoughts to ponder and of course, some hugs…


6 Responses to “Beaded Ring and Thoughts to Ponder”

  1. me Says:

    could i have the pattern Pleeese

    • dianemiller Says:

      I’m not sure if I can give it to you or not. It was published in an Interweave newspaper extra that was given to subscribers ages ago. I can contact them and ask if I can share the pattern, if you’d like.

  2. Phyllis Says:

    Were you able to provide pattern? If so, I’d like to have it or where I could find it. Thank you!!

    • dianemiller Says:

      The ring pattern was from an old issue of Bead and Button magazine. I’m sorry I don’t remember what issue it was in though.

  3. faride Says:

    how do make it?

    • dianemiller Says:

      The pattern is in an old issue of Bead and Button magazine. Unfortunately, I don’t know which one. I borrowed it from the library, made the ring and returned the magazine. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help to you.

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