A Fun Day

Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday – Happy Birthday dear heart – and we celebrated by going out on the new boat she and her husband recently purchased.  The weather was perfect.  My husband and I picked up my Dad – 90 years young – for a fun day on the water.  Of course, the new puppy came along too.  He’s still nameless, but he’s a born sailor.  He explored the boat, found a comfy spot, and settled down for a snooze. 

As we left the very muddy river – the dam was opened that morning and it stirred up a lot of silt – and entered Lake Ontario,  we passed the Wild Hearts catamaran:


It’s a party boat that can be rented out. 

Then on past the light beacon at the end of the Lake Ontario pier:

beacon light 

Seems like the grafitti artists did their thing on the nice white surface.  I guess they couldn’t resist it.

Then we hit Lake Ontario and my son-in-law opened her up.  Oh boy, was it ever fun.  I do so love being in a boat with the sun shining, the wind in my face, and the spray from the boat hitting the water falling on me.  See the beautiful design from the boat wake:

boat wake
That design will definitely be in a future textile piece.

And here’s a picture of my Dad up front:

Dad on boat

 Would you believe he’s wearing his RayBans sunglasses from WWII?  Yes, I said WWII.  My Dad served on an air craft carrier, and he and those sunglasses of his traveled the world. 

We thought sitting up front  would be the best place for him to see everything, but he laughingly said, as soon we picked up speed, all he saw was the sun in the sky. 

We went back to the dock and feasted on a wonderful meal my son-in-law and daughter made for us.  Next year, when my knee and foot are healed, I’ll be the cook again.  They were both good sports about doing all the work this year, and I felt like it was my birthday, not my daughter’s. 

This was a day to be stored in my memory bank.  We had such a good time – even if my 90 year young Dad could get in and out of the boat easier than I could.  😉



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