Little Visitor

 Lookie what I found in my front yard:

Fawn Visitor
This little deer has been visiting daily, and I finally got a picture.   It has created a pathway through the lilac bushes and walks up to the house to snack on the flowers by the living room windows.   I wish it would develop an appetite for something besides my flowers though.  There are plenty of veggies for it to enjoy in the backyard. 

It’s oppressively hot and humid this weekend.  A good time to stay inside and work on a project.  I purchased a couple of new sewing patterns and will hopefully start a purse today.  My fabric collection came to the rescue and the purse will be made from left over material from a project made last year – the cushions for my daughter’s basement. 

I throw very few fabric scraps out, and there was a lot of leftover fabric from this project.  My daughter had given me 2 love seat covers to use, and I had to cut into both of them to cover the 2 cushions last year.  There is probably enough leftover fabric here for quite a few more projects.

Don’t you love it when you have just the fabric you need for a project in the house?  But who am I kidding?  I have enough fabric to last a couple of lifetimes.  Now don’t laugh, but I purposely built a fabric collection while my husband was still working.  I figured after he retired, our discretionary income would be curtailed.  Well, he retired way before he wanted, and we’re living on a budget for the first time in our lives.  No complaints from me.  It’s great having him home.  After 36 years, I still get butterflies in my stomach when I see him walk into a room.  Heck, he still thinks I’m petite.   Ah, love really is blind.  😉

Happily, I can sew to my heart’s content from my fabric collection.  Comfort quilts – made for local non-profit organizations, art quilts, clothing for myself, etc… you name it, I’ve got the fabric for it, and it’s all paid for, washed and ready to be used. 

Now onto the purse.  Pictures soon to come – I hope. 



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