Ogden Art Group Meeting – August 2009

Yesterday was our small art group meeting and did we ever have fun.  Show and tell was good – as always.

Margaret showed a marbled visor she made:

Margaret marbled visor
We all thought it turned out really well.
Karen took the same felted fish class that some of the RAFA members took.  Here’s a picture of her fish:

Karen's felted fish
Pat is making a beautiful wall hanging.  No pictures of that as she will be entering it in a juried show, and doesn’t want to jeopardize her chance of it getting accepted by having pictures of it on the internet.  Trust me, it’s wonderful.  She does have a knack for creating the most gorgeous painted fabric. 

Then some of us worked on the first exercise in Katie Pasquini Masopust’s new book Design Explorations for the Creative Quilter – Exploring Shapes.  Here are the results:

Shape Exercise
All of them were very different.  This was a successful exercise in my eyes.  I like it when everyone’s sketch is very different from what was in the book, and from each other.  I finished mine up last night while I was watching Project Runway.  Yippee, Yahoo!!!  Do I ever love that show.  Thank-you Lifetime for finally airing the show. 

I won’t be painting and making my drawing into an art piece, but there are bits and pieces of it that I like.  It will be saved in my inspiration box.  It’s full of photos, sketches, pulled out magazine ads, old calendars – you name it.  It’s filled with anything and everything that captured my attention and I want to revisit some day. 

Some have been saved because I like the composition, or the colors, or just because something about it made me want to keep it.  I hope you all have an inspiration box of your own.  I revisit mine frequently – especially now that I don’t have to move a gazillion items to get into it. 



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