Pole Barn

Lots has been going on here.  We recently contracted with Duane Feor to build a pole barn on our property.  Our driveway has been filled with all sorts of heavy machinery, lots of cute hunky workers, and much progress has been made.

The first day the site  was cleared:

cleared site b
Then the first load of lumber was delivered:

Lumber b

My husband planted those evergreen trees 30 years ago.  They have really grown.  The lilies were added about 4 years ago and he has planted several varieties so we have gorgeous blooms from early spring through August. 

Gunner visited too – our contractor’s dog:


It was hot when he was here, so I put out a couple of bowls of water for her.  Yes, Gunner is a female.  Ask Duane why he called her Gunner.  I think she looks more like a Daisy Mae. 

The next day the Bobcat driver arrived with a humongous drill.  His leg is in the picture so you can judge for yourself how big that drill is:

posthole drill b

Most of the post holes were dug by the drill, but 2 holes had to be dug by hand.  We considered ourselves lucky so many were able to be done by machine.  Our area has some big rocks. 

The following day the first level posts were cemented in the holes:

walls up partially, dirt floor b

More pole barn pictures will be posted tomorrow.  I can’t get over how much work got done in one week.

On the creative side, it’s also been a productive week.  Knitting was started on a vintage hand knit baby kimono sweater.  I’m not sure it will be long enough, but it’s been a long time since I’ve knit anything baby sized.  This is a really old pattern and had no stitch gauge or measurements.  It called for fingering weight yarn, and I’m using it, but who knows what was commonly called fingering weight yarn in 1907?

My Pfaff sewing machine was updated so it now has all the new stitches, a new thread guide, and the updating party was a lot of fun.  It was great seeing everyone.

And last, but not least, I’m making a new purse – the La Rue Messenger/Toe/Clutch pattern from Hot Patterns.  For some reaon, I’m making mistake after mistake.  It took me 2 hours to sew one 12″ zipper.  From using the wrong foot, to not threading the bobbin properly, to sewing it to the wrong side of the lining, etc…  I could go on and on. 

The pattern is perfectly fine.  All the flubs and trips to the frog pond (for rippit, rippit, rippit sessions) are totally my fault.  There have been so many mistakes, I’m a bit leery of working on it today, but that is exactly what I plan on doing after I upload this blog entry.  Wish me luck!!!  I need it.  I think I have a bad infestation of the dreaded sewing sleeths.  I need them to begone!!!



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