Pole Barn II

Lots more work got done on the pole barn:

pole barn second level b
There is now a nice gravel base leading from the driveway to the interior of the pole barn.  Eventually, it will have a cement floor, but we’ll let the gravel settle for a year before that is added.

And do you see that big lift on the left?  The top wall beams are being added. 
The trusses were next:

tusses up b
The man with the big smile and outstretched arms is our contractor.  He’s an A1 contractor in my book. 

It’s amazing how fast the shell is going up.  

On the textile front, ‘work is progressing on a crazy quilt block – Nikki’s Face DYB block – and it will be mailed this week.  I want to take it the RAFA meeting on Thursday to see if I can get some people interested in crazy quilts.

Physical therapy has been completed for my knee injury, the surgical boot is off my foot from the foot surgery, and I see the vascular surgeon this afternoon to hopefully get some help with the circulation in my left leg.  I should be good to go after that and am really looking forward to not seeing anymore doctors for a loooooong time.

The upside of the knee injury though was going for physical therapy.  Everyone there is so nice and did such a good job getting me up and moving again.  Now I signed up for their strength training and look forward to every exercise session.  

That is something I never, ever thought I’d say.   It’s all Mark and Arthur and Amy’s fault – the wonderfully kind, helpful, knowledgable physical therapists at Churchville Physical Therapy.    They make you feel like family, and so do the two receptionists.   I’m having a senior moment and forgot their names, but trust me, they are also wonderful people.



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