RAFA September Meeting

Late but not forgotten – pictures from RAFA’s last Thursday’s group meeting, lots and lots of them.   These meetings are always inspirational, and while show and tell was small this month, there were lots of beautiful works shown.

Anne has been working on a harvest theme piece:

Anne melon in progress
She creates beautiful wildlife scenes with lots of machine embroidery, so this next piece was quite a departure from her signature style:
Anne quilt

Isn’t it wonderful?  And she also showed lots of art cloth pieces made in a class taught by Jane Dunnewold.  This was my favorite piece:
Anne class piece

She will be adding some foil and who knows what else to that piece of cloth, but this one really captured my interest.

Donna has turned into a dye monster – meant in the kindest way.  😉  She has been creating lots of lovely hand dyed background pieces for her felted art work.  She has focused on felted work for the past few years and sells quite a few of her pieces.   I can’t wait to see what she’ll do with all these dyed pieces

She’s also the queen of finding good buys at the Salvation Army stores.  She picked up some 100% silk slips and transformed them into wonderful slip dresses, modeled by a fellow RAFA member:

Donna scarves and slip dress

She also hand dyed a bunch of bras – which you can barely see in the photo, but it’s being worn under the dress.   And I almost forgot here hand dyed socks.  You can’t see them, but Donna – the lady on the left, was wearing them.

I went crazy over her pins.  She received a box of wonderful handmade beads from a friend and is making them into pins.  She had one on her jacket (again, you can barely see it in the photo,  but they would be lovely as shawl pins too:

Donnas pins

Next up is Janet.  She showed 3 jackets that will be offered for sale at the Rochester Art Memorial Clothesline Festival next week.  This first one has the front and back shown:

Jacket 1 Front

Jacket 1 Back

I covet that jacket, seriously covet that jacket, and it’s reversible.  Here’s the second one:

Janet Jacket 2

That one is reversible too, and here is the last one, a different pattern, and very elegant:

Janet Jacket 3

Caris was working on a piece she was going to throw away.  I’m so glad she didn’t.  The quilting on it is beautiful and she’s also adding beads:

Caris throw away

And last, but not least, Nancy showed some of her work.  What caught my eye was a gift she was given.  This is a crocheted granny square afghan made by a 97 year old blind woman:

97 year afghan

The glorious color and the beautiful crochet work was inspiring.  It gave us all pause to think about the aging process and how a person can stay vital and create beauty all through their lives.



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