Nicki’s Face DYB Block

The first block in the Faces DYB group has been completed.  It was Nicki’s block and I loved all the faces she sent along, but the one I used practically stood up and shouted, ME, ME, pick ME!!!  So I did.  LOL

Nicki Face DYB

At first, it looked like a face that belonged in the sky, and the wavy fabric on the upper right corner seemed like starlight, then I looked closer at the face and it seemed like there were flowers along the right edge, so my goddess in the sky, morphed into a leaf goddess.

I happily sewed the head in place with lots of leaf beads and flower beads with colored centers, then I realized it would look really nice with a tree branch behind her head.  Off with her head, and on with the branch, thanks to Jo’s seam book.  It was a motif taken straight from her book and it’s the part I liked making the best.  There is nothing like sewing with KNK silk buttonhole thread, and that entire branch was stitched with it.

Back went the head, a few stars in the upper corner, and then I spent an evening selecting threads for some elaborate seam treatments.  When I woke up the next morning I thought, no, the seam treatements I had selected didn’t relate to the foliage theme.  Off I went to my lace collection.  I found some that fit with the leaf motif, but it was stark white.  No problem.  Off to the dye room. 

I had the perfect dye powders and thought, do I really want to mix up a bunch of dye concentrates?  That would be a lot of standing around, a lot of mixing and measuring, and I’m not supposed to be on my feet for long periods of time.  Out came the paints.  A base of tourquoise followed with some watered down chartreuse worked well.  It always look nicer to me when more than one paint color is used on a piece of lace.  The undertones do wonders for creating complex shades instead of in your face blue, or in your face green.

Next the shell bead was attached.  First with squiggly, curvy beads – the same ones used for the flower centers.  They looked like worms.  Off they came.  Then I added a bunch of different color, shapes and types of beads.  I’d have liked to make it a much longer bead trail, but was concerned with how heavy the piece had become.  One of the ladies in the group lives in Canada, and it would be nice to keep the shipping costs reasonable.

I was trying to take with a monochromatic color scheme for the block, but by this point, it was getting a bit too monochromatic for my taste.  Back to the thread choices I made for the seam treatments.  A nice rusty orange would look great against the green, so I did a bit of stitching to couch the shell button in place.

The crochet motif I made out of sewing thread was added next with some beads.  Then the small seam treatment was added.  It needs some more to it, but time was running short and I was already 3 days behind with getting this mailed.  If I added any more to that seam, I would have missed the mailperson and I did not want to wait till this week to mail the package. 

So there you have it.  My first contribution to the Faces DYB.  I hope that Nicki will be happy with this block and would you believe, Leslie’s blocks arrived Saturday.  This time I’m starting on the block this week.  I WILL NOT BE LATE mailing this one. 



3 Responses to “Nicki’s Face DYB Block”

  1. Janet in Colorado Says:

    I really like this block. The addition of the russet color was inspired! When this RR was announced, I was having trouble visualizing how the blocks would turn out, so I’m very pleasantly surprised when I see each one, but this one is especially nice!

  2. Nicki Lee Says:

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Diane! You did exactly what I was hoping someone would do to that face – I just love the leaf treatment you did. When I made the faces I thought it would be a good idea to have a place where I could put some holes for just this purpose. Thank you for making this block such a beauty!!!


  3. Aida Costa Says:

    How creative!! Your muse was with you, it’s so beautiful 🙂

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