Pole Barn Update and Purse Completed

It’s been a busy week here.  The pole barn is almost finished:

pole barn almost finished blog
It still needs some translucent panels on the south wall, the big garage door, and more gravel for the floor.  Hopefully, it will be finished by the end of the week.

The Hot Patterns purse is completed:

Hot Patterns Purse blog
There are 3 ways you can wear this purse.

#1 – Slip your arm through the holes and it drapes down the side of your body.  This will work well in the summer, but no way is that opening big enough for an arm wearing a bulky winter coat.  I live in Upstate New York, so the purse won’t be worn that way this winter.

#2 – See the little gold D-rings on the side? 2 G-ring clamps with a strap can be attached to those rings, but my local JoAnns was out of them, so the strap has not been added yet.  Instructions for making a tassel and fringe are included in the pattern and that would hang along one edge.  It looks really nice on the pattern picture.  I’ll add that when the G-ring clamps arrive.

#3 – It can be folded in half and used as a clutch.

This purse was a prototype.  I didn’t bother decorating it as I was testing it for size.  It’s way too small for me.  I know, I know, you all think it’s plenty big as it is.  Well, I like BIG purses.  This one measures 12″ wide by 20″ long, but you can only put things in half that length.  It has 2 pockets inside, but the opening is so small at the top, it’s hard to get your hand inside the purse, let alone your hand with anything in it. 

My plan is to make it 18″ wide and also flare the top more.  This might get accomplished, it might not.  I’m not sure I want to bother making it again.  Putting that bias binding around the inside armhole was an ordeal.  The curves are sharp at the bottom and top edges, so that needs to be reconfigured also. 

I’m glad I made it, but I’m not too sure I’ll ever use it, or make a larger, reconfigured version better fitting for my lifestyle or not.  



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